the small work

My strategy today was to hit GCT while it was still cold enough out for the trail to be frozen. Frozen ground = fast ground, but not very forgiving ground. Unfortunately, as soon as I hit the trail, I realized it hadn’t gotten -that- cold yet. I mean, it was pretty frreakin cold, but not cold enough to freeze the ground. This was evident by the soft squishy surface that slowed me to a crawl within seconds of leaving the pavement.

So the whole ride was WORK. I sink down into the soft stuff unlike the fit people. Even just the top layer of dirt being moist makes it feel like riding through quicksand. BUT, I pushed on and finished my usual ride of a loop in each direction with a trip back to the car in between. Curiously, I logged 3/10 of a mile more distance than my last ride, but I did the same route and even parked in the same spot. Hmmmmm…

This ride also marked the return of using the mp3 player to saturate my ride with soaking wet DUB. It was kind of a bummer when the batteries ran out halfway through the first loop. At least it was during a great song, so I ended up humming a decent tune in my head for the rest of the ride…

I was kind of hoping that after the big trek on the fixed this past weekend that the trail riding would seem easy. It didn’t lol. With the trail being so slow I thought my average speed would really suffer, but it wasn’t rtoo bad…only 2/10 off last time.

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