Didja do a thanksgiving ride? Didja DIDJA?

I didn’t.

At the moment I’m just -less than stoked- about my mountain bike. The forks have always sucked. Now I have slop in the rear end, which, in order to fix will require more effort than I -should- have to put out. I’ve already tried contacting the manufacturer, who told me to go to the dealer and have THEM order the parts. That would be fine if the dealer wasn’t almost 50 miles away. Next time I buy a bike it will be from a shop I can drive to within 15 minutes.

So, back to my bike trubs. I was thinking…”maybe now that I have a little money coming in I can upgrade the fork”. But what about that rear end slop? It just doesn’t seem practical to me to lay out $400 on a fork for a bike that has freehub issues (which my buddy Graham already partially solved for me…thanks man), and a sloppy rear end that may NEVER get resolved. I’m at a stalemate. Ugh.

This whole thought cycle is not new. Generally I just remember that I am and will always be a “low budget soul rider” and decide to just go ride anyway, and have as much fun as I can in  spite of my bike not being up to spec. I adjust my riding to compensate for the issues. But this week…I dunno man I just can’t shake the ill vibe I get when I think about the mechanical issues.



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