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It’s a pretty crap day outside for riding, but a great day to stay inside and read. Since I had to return some books to the brand new library jjust around the corner from my hut, I figured I would check out what they had to offer as far as bikey reading. Believe it or not, they actually had a few things, which suprised me because the shelves are not yet anywhere near filled.

The selection was waaaay Lance heavy. Aside from a book or maybe two BY Lance, there was also one by Lance’s mom, one by Lance AND Subaru (compete with loads of undisquised advertising for the car brand on the front and back covers), and a couple ABOUT Lance. Fancy Pants…Lance.

They also had a few others which may be helpful later, such as a “how to” guide on riding your first century. There was a very thick and detailed look into the doping scandal that has plagued the sport for what seems like ever now, which I passed on because it just looked like a boring read. Another volume chronicled the history of the Tour De France with extreme detail…too much detail for me to grab today.

I’ll prolly eventually read everything there, but today I opted for two that seemed a little easier on the brainframe. “Inside the Tour De France” is a nice illustrated history of the race, with a zillion more pictures that the more thorough book on the same subject mentioned earlier. I also grabbed “Positively False: The Real Story of How I Won the Tour De France” by Floyd Landis.

Maybe reading this stuff will get me psyched to ride, because I have been the most non ridingest bike blogger out there as of late.


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