flat stages

So far this book has been pretty good. Suprisingly, it isn’t all about Fancy Pants. There have been large detailed chunks devoted to other heavy hitters like Jan Ulrich and Tyler Hamilton. The author is following the race as part of the press caravan, while tuned into the official race radio broadcast, and the coverage is very detailed. As the race plods along, there are severeal jumping off points for the author to examine more than just the racers. A slew of punctures in the team time trial allows him to take a look at the mechanical end of things, while being a press insider allows him to describe the immensity of the tour as a mobile production from a perspective most never see. There are some parts where the writing seems dumbed down a bit, particularly his description of the time trial bikes. I am assuming this was an editorial choice made in hopes of the book being read by people who wanted to know more about the personalities of the Tour contenders than the endless technical jargon that bike geeks jack off to.

I’m almost at the halfway point of the book.

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