yearly total

Well, 431.81 doesn’t really tell the whole story. Most of the summer I rode unloggable miles at Duncan Creek skatepark. Still 431 isn’t -too- bad. Some people do that much in a month. According to Floyd Landis I should be clocking mileage like this every week. I wish. Even if my legs could take it, my butt probably couldn’t.

So I have two biking goals for 09.
Number one: get a proper pair of biking shorts. This is not as easy as it sounds. I’m extremely overweight, so the whole process of buying these things is going to be humiliating and tough…but it will also be some good motivation to get rid of the weight, right? Don’t worry, I would never run the lycra as an -outer layer-, so you won’t have to shield your eyes, but I really want the benefits of the padding.

Number two: ride more. If I ride 432 miles I’ll have done better than last year right? Actually my plan at the moment is to log a bunch of long and boring at Suwanee Greenway. The Greenway is such a sleeper, but it seems to work best for me when I am trying to lose weight. I pedal the entire time I am on that path, and it is longer than a double loop of GCT. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of putting some cross tires on my fixed and using that at SGW. Hmmm..

Rightnow though, all it does is rain. Rain rain rain.


3 thoughts on “yearly total

  1. Chris Kelly says:

    Posting your mileage already??? There are still 4 days to go this year!

  2. Chadd says:

    You can get some of those padded liners, that way you can wear whatever shots you wanna.

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