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Yesterday I was in the parking lot of the shopping center closest to my hut, driving around looking for a parking spot. When I finally found one, I pulled in and noticed a new sign wedged between the pizza joint and the eyeglass place that simply said “bicycles”. Whoa! Okay. I was simultaneously excited and pissed. Excited because a shop closer to my hut is not bad news. Pissed because once again someone opened a shop in a location I had deemed great before I had a chance to myself. Yeah, I’m trying to open a shop one day, but it is an extremely long term plan. Still, it never hurts to scout locations just in case I fall into a big stack of money and the plankicks off earlier than later.

Anyway, of course I had to stop in and check it out. Heavy Specialized presence, a few other brands, two level racks pretty much throughout the location. When I got to the back of the store the shop dood asked if he could help, and I told him I was just browsing, but asked about the name of the shop.

Adventure Cycles.

Yep, the same Adventure Cycles that USED TO BE spitting distance from Gainesville College Trail. Interesting. The dude told me that they moved because the shopping center they were formerly in was kind of dead…which it is. The coffee joint next door to their old shop folded up a while ago, and the main draw to that group of shops is mostly the Georgia Tag Office. It probably doesn’t help business that the main drag next to the old location has been under heavy construction for he last zillion years also. I think the move to the new location might be a smart one. I mean, I hope the best for them. It’s hard to compete with Addictive Cycles up here, because Addictive just have so much soul. People will drive out of their way to go to Addictive. Adventure is going to benefit from the repair business they get by being so close to all the new construction that happened around here before the housing bust, Lots of little kids getting flats. If they were smart they would hit the neighborhoods and break some bottles to ensure that the flats keep coming in.

Just kidding.

In other local shop news, Outback Bikes opened a store over on Hamilton Mill Rd a few months ago, less than three miles from Knight Bikes. I haven’t been to the new Outback yet. Hell I haven’t even been in the Little 5 location since I worked next door to them years ago. I doubt that Outback will effect whatever business Knight is doing since Knight is heavy on the BMX and skateboard thing…they are practically across the street from Duncan Creek Skatepark. I’m gonna scoot over to Outback and check them out soon though.

Man if you count REI, there are like a zillion bike shops up here now.

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