ISX scoring system

A new system called ISX is being rolled out for real-time scoring at action sports events. I’m sort of skeptical about this. Hell I am skeptical about the scoring of events based on doing tricks in general, because unless you have been a rider and tried to do some of the tricks, you will probably respond more favorably to the circus stunt flip shit than other moves that are actually more deserving of higher scores.

From the article:

The technology behind ISX is built on MSInteractive’s Perception Analyzer® technology, the hand-held dial system used heavily for focus group research, instant responses to presidential debates (as seen on CNN during the 2008 presidential campaign), interactive meetings and television program integration.

“We’re taking our decades of experience in dial-group testing and focus groups and adding the layer of proprietary scoring customization with a dynamic graphic interface tailored to the specific needs of individual sports and formats,” explained David Paull, vice president of MSInteractive. “The data are collected from judges in real time as they enter scores by moving the dials based on what they see and feel.”

“We then combine the scores with high-quality visual graphics, telling the entire story of the competition in a compelling fashion which everyone, at the live venue and on television, can understand and in a way which has never been seen before,” Paull added.


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