Brush the dust off

Okay so the Tour Down Under has started. First race was a criterium 51KM. Robbie McEwen won. Lance came in 64th, 23 seconds back. For those of you NOT following ol Fancy Pants on twitter, you missed a poll earlier this week as to whether he should run yellow or black lever hoods. I personally liked the yellow, but only if used with yellow bar tape. In the end the black hoods won out from what I understand.  If it were me, I’d have run one black and one yellow just to piss everyone off. One more little psychological advantage over the field. Something to make the peleton murmur about curiously. It would be funny if Lance ran two different color hoods and then it became some kind of cool trend among the shaved legs and lycra set. Soon enough I would see someone out here in Flowery Branch tooling around with mismatched hoods.

I used to run 4 different color wheels on my skateboard. I had  SIMS Lester Kasai at that time.

I HAVEN’T BEEN RIDING because I am lame. Been reading “The Immortal Class: Bike Messengers an the Cult of Human Power”, which has really grown on me. Full review when I finish.

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