butt pain is the penance

Second ride of the year. Nothing special just logging miles at Suwanee Greenway to get my -base- up. Took out Ye Ol’  GT Talera, which always amazes me. It is the bike that doesn’t get to stay in the nice shed, it stays under the house in te damp crawlspace, yet it always works so much better than  my newer more expensive Otero. To be fair though, I thrashed the piss out of the Otero at the skatepark though, and that bike should have never left the trails.

Anyway, ther theme for today was HOLY SHIT THAT SEAT IS HARD AND I AM STILL SORE FROM YESTERDAY. You know how it is…if you take a long time off, your butt gets unaccustomed to being on a bike seat, so you have to pay penance for the first couple of rides. I was also getting a ton of that sparkly pain on the balls of my feet. The sins of  laziness are not easily paid for.

Squeezed out about 9.5 miles. I really don’t know the exact distance or stats because the Talera doesn’t have a computron but I did keep track of how many minutes I rode. The 2009 stats spreadsheet has been officially started! I’m thinking about just buying a computer for each of the bikes so my stats will be super accurate. I don’t think I have seen anyone with a computer on a fixed gear around here but I sure someone has done it. I’m so familiar with SGW that I was able to estimate my distance…I cut a little off the normal route to avoid mud and to end the butt pain a little quicker. There were a LOT of trail no obs with giant dogs walking 2-3 abreast but my strategy of calling out to them from waaaaay back seemed to work well. I should add a few incredibells to the shopping list as well.

It was still actually a little chilly when I hit the trail. but it yis supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny today, so if you are in the Atlanta area I hope you are getting a ride in today 🙂

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