pawl problems

Even though I worked at a bike shop for 7 years, I have never laced up a wheel. At our shop, since we primarily dealt with mid to lower end bikes, if a customers wheel was too badly damaged it was more cost efficient just to replace them. My boss built a bunch of wheels during the golden era of ACS Z-rims, but after folks switched back to alloys there wasn’t a lot of wheel building going on there.

Now necessity demands that I learn the craft.

See, I am pretty sure the prawls in my mountain bike hub are failing. I’m getting a nasty skip when I am grannied out and putting a lot of power behind the pedals. Believe me, it is NOT a gear adjustment or a derailleur alignment issue. I definetly know how to adjust gears and even if I didn’t, I have run the gamut of different combinations of cable tension, set screw and hanger alignment just to experiment around and see if I could find a -sweet spot- that worked. None have…so I am left with the only other possible cause…the internals of the freehub are just cheap and worn out.

So its time to put a new hub in there. I already have a hub (thanks G) with the same size flanges so I really just have to do the work. I’m kind of excited about adding a new skill. If it works out I’ll be pretty stoked on saving a ton of loot. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just take a page from the old bike shop playbook and buy a new wheel, but I’ll bitch about it the whole time.

Updates and pics to follow.


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