good ol greenway

Suwanee Greenway is a pussified trail. Sort of. Its pretty much flat, but there are a few steep sections. Out of the 10.5 mile standard loop I do, only about 2.5/3 miles is not paved. The rest is concrete and wood. Yes wood. Seriously it is like riding on a boat pier or something. There are two swamps, a buttload of sketchy patheletes and dogwalkers with mutiple dogs.

Mountain bikers scoff at it not being a -real- trail, and I couldn’t really disagree with them. Road bikers don’t want to call it their own because of the unpaved sections, and it is relatively short.

But you know, I’m gonna just come out and admit it…I freakin love the place. It is -just right- for me in so many ways. You pedal pretty much the whole time, so even though it isn’t a technical challenge, I definitely feel like I got some exercise every time I do the loop. Unlike the Silver Comet, it isn’t just straight and flat…there are switchbacks and the new off road section is actually a blast. Very roller coaster-esque. There are bathrooms at the halfway point as well as a bike shop in case you flat or need an adjustment. Another little bonus is that there are always hot bikepath babe-trons filtering in from the adjoining burbs.

So, from here on out, when I write about my jaunts on SGW, I am going to dispense with the disclaimers and self deprecation. I’m gonna big up my local haunt. I mean, I know its no FT Yargo, no Chicopee, no Blankets or Big Creek. But if a bicyclist has a “home field” then SGW would prolly be mine and I shouldn’t have to worry what the heavy hitters think about that. Riding the Greenway helps me get into some sort of shape to even make it through the more challenging trails…which I am not quite ready for this year yet.

Had a great ride at SGW today. Unfortunately I don’ have a compuer on Ye Ol GT Talera (yet) but I was able to estimate my average. The distance, if I only do the loop once, is always about 10.5 miles. The weather was unbelievable.


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