Sope Creek

I’ve never been to Sope Creek trail, but I know where it is…sort of. Today there was an article in the evening edition of the AJC about how there are about to be some major upgrades to the trail. Interestingly, I saw nothing about it on the SORBA board, even though someone from the organization was quoted in the article. I guess they are all too busy taking vanity shots of their $6k bikes to notice the good press.

In other news, today is the first time I have looked at the SORBA  forum in a zillion years. I didn’t see anything about the recent new section that was cut over at Gainesville College rail either. Hmmmmm…

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One thought on “Sope Creek

  1. Chadd says:

    I think that is due to the fact that these proposed upgrades to the trail have been on the books for years now. I’m not sure anyone believes it’s actually going to happen. Sope is fun, some crazy technical climbs and descents, but almost everything is mixed-use so you have to watch out for other peeps.

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