Armstrongs TT bike stolen

By now you have heard that Lance Armstrong and several other Astana team members bikes were stolen from a trailer during the Tour of California.

I don’t keep up on racing as much as someone who is involved in it, but I know a little about it. I know enough that if I were the team manager, my first suspicion would be that the bike theft was the result of another team trying to balance the competitive advantage. I’m no Fancy Pants Lance hater, …in fact I really want to see him kick some ass…but I don’t think it is too far of a stretch to see how other teams could be unhappy about his return, and about the huge technical advantages he gets by having an unlimited pool of money and technology to help him along the way.

So far I haven’t seen or heard any rumblings of other teams being behind the thefts. If you think that the sports world is too honorable for such behavior, you only need look at some of the amazing espionage scandals in the F1 racing world to clue yourself up. Wherever there is passion, there is bound to be someone feeling they are being cheated, and wanting to level the playing field.

Lance has traditionally kicked ass in time trials and his gear has certainly been a big part of those successes. Maybe someone wanted everything to be fair when the Tour gets to the Solvang time trial on Friday. I’m just sayin…


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