More Torker than Torker

Last post we were talking about the Torker fixed gear bike that is bound to hit some shops and what have you. I pretty much forgot about that bike after the post…nothing really remarkable about it or anything.

Then I was looking at some pics from the NAHBS and saw these:

I’m not sure what frame builder it is that is making these, but it is much closer to the original double top tube Torker frame design than the fixed they are putting out.

Heres the orig Torker BMX frame (1977)

Whoa look at those backwards slotted dropouts hahahaha. They changed that part of the design pretty quickly to a rear facing one. But the trademark is really the double top tube.

I dunno, I don’t really have a point or anything, except that some custom framebuilder has done a better job transferring what made the Torker so unique to his own frames than the actual company did. Obv the Torker fixed was chosen from what some Tiawanese manufaturer was already producing and simply stickered with the Torker badge.  A moneygrab….don’t miss the trend boys.Hell everyone else is doing it.

In other news, I like every single thing about THIS PIC:

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