cable rape

It’s pissing down rain here today, so there has been a lot of laying around doing nothing. About a half hour ago, I decided to get it in gear and mosey on over to Addictive Cycle to get an inner wire for the mountain bike, but missed their website said they close at 5, soooo…my next choice was Adventure Cycles. Adventure is actually waaaaay closer to me than Addictive, but they have been so cool to me at Addictive that I always try to hit them up if I can. Still, I didn’t mind showing some love to Adventure.

When I pulled into the shopping center, at first I thought they were closed but I saw a few people in the store so it was ON. Then when I got to the door it was locked. They let me in anyway since I knew what part I wanted, which was pretty cool of them.

Then homeboy rang me up: $8.00+tax…for an inner wire. Not even a supercool megabraid style coolguy wire either…just the standard run of the mill stuff. I almost thought he was joking with me. Not wanting to be a dick, I didn’t walk, but not without remarking about how freakin expensive it was. He said “Everything is high these days, even tubes”. I asked him how much a tube was, and he said “$8.50”. Damn.

I’m all about supporting the local bike shops and all, but I could have sworn I saw inner wires packaged up by Bell at WalMart for like 3$ or something. I don’t WalMart often, but when I do, I usually wal around the whole joint to see what can be seen, and I distinctly remember thinking it was pretty cool that they even had shifter wires.

You know, I should have asked if he was charging me for a shifter CABLE, which would have been both the housing AND the wire.

Whatever. Adventure Cycles, I’m trying to love ya, but man you are an expensive date.

Anyway, while I was on the Addictive Cycle site, I saw that they are moving a buttload closer to my hut, which I am very stoked about.

I wonder how long it will be before I get around to fixing the shifter now…


One thought on “cable rape

  1. Marc ski-scorpio says:

    More like a Date Rape! Dicks sporting Goods has them for $1.99 here in B-More. .

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