what the hell?


What the hell is happening in this picture. I don’t understand. Is this some kind of optical illusion or something…some kind of smart ass photoshop biz? Am I seeing this wrong or is it just weird?

Oh wait, I get it….she is folded up inside the bag or something. What a starnge pic though, huh?


3 thoughts on “what the hell?

  1. chris m says:

    looks like a one legged hottie in a back pack. probably the first time in the history of written english that “looks like a one legged hottie in a back pack” has ever been penned (or blog “commented” to be more specific/current)

    good goods ccm

  2. robertashton says:

    couldn’t have been very comfortable

  3. Ben says:

    I like that she’s reading a guide book. (that’s what it looks like at least)

    Like maybe she’s hanging out back there as a bike version of the dashboard navi – “next right in 200 yards. Caution, uneven roads ahead.”

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