johnny five wanna be with broad and pro clas


There is so much to love about this image. First off, we have a babe, a bike and a robot. But look a little deeper and what do you see…

First off, mr robot is sporting a cap and sunglasses, which gives hime a little cred on the skreets and all that. Secondly, babetron has some kind of 80’s/trying to be futuristic look going on with her get up, which a zillion billysburg hipster girls would spend years trying to replicate in one form or another, although with a more -up to date, asymetrical hairdo-.

But most importantly, the Mongoose in the photo has a pair of real deal Pro Class 36 spoke wheels with the big holes between the spoke drillingsmy favorite wheels ever. Kids today would destroy them in a minute, because today landing smooth isn’t part of the trick process. It almost makes me sad how overbuilt bikes are these days. Strong parts are smart, but over built parts breed bricked landings in my opinion. I guess I come from the school of riders where how smooth you pulled off a trick was just as important as whether it was technically difficult or not. I’ve seen really tough tricks done so sloppy it hurts to watch even though -technically- the person pulled it off, and I have seen curb endos done with such precision and finiesse, and such control that it would make a person cry at how beautiful it was. Noiseless, smooth..pushed to the very edge but never past it. Kids do some nice tricks these days that blow my mind, but I’m a sucker for a classic fundamental pulled in in such a way that you know riding out of it wasn’t an afterthought.

I’m not to humble to put it out there: I had a pair of these wheels, and I kept them straight AND did crazy tricks. Hell I remember when my friend Chip Koen , who was about 6’3″ , switched to running 1 3/8″ wheels on a Redline Proline, in order to get less rolling resistance…and he was riding half pipes and concrete parks with those things!

So big up this pic, and big up those old school Pro Class wheels, and big up riding out smooth. Keep your bricked landing AND your flips. I’m sure the robot would agree with me.

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