yellow and dub

okay, so…there was a time when yellow seats were abundant, but that time is past. Now, you aren’t getting a yellow seat unless you want to shell out some serious corn, which I do not. A yellow seat would be the final finishing touch on my fixed gear, but I’m afraid I’ll have to wait until it becomes a trendy saddle color again. They just can’t be had for what I am willing to spend.

In other news, here is some shameless self promotion for my little site which is where I have posted a bunch of the DUB podcasts I did which were previously hosted by pod-o-matic. Nothing fancy, just a bgunch of soundcloud <embed>s which enable you to listen or download. NO CHATTING over the music, cause thats not the way I do it…

end of shameless plug

why don’t you do me a favor and repost the link on your site…you know, incvoming links are good for search opt and all that. I’ll be glad to return the favor, just lemme know…

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