another one

Holy crap I actually went for another ride this month!

Lugged the fixed gear over to Suwanee Greenway. I had to park at a different spot than I usually do. The new spot is smack in the middle of the length of the trail. See, this was my first time at SGW on the fixed so I didn’t know how it was going to work out, but I did know I didn’t want to be locked into doing the off road sections. So I parked where I could stick to the paved and boardwalk portions, which was a good plan.

I didn’t ride the entire length of the trail each pass, I just kept it to the relatively flat portions for today. My goal is to eeeeaaaasssse back into the miles…not over do it straight away. The ride was great but I need to put my Incredibell on the fixed. It really startles people when you call out “on your left”…people seem to respond to the bell in a much more friendly way, and it always gets a smile from the trailbabes.

Nothing spectacular stats-wise: 8.98miles, 14.9mph/max, 11.5mph/avg…rode for just over 45 mins. I only got up out of the saddle once.

It looks like riding the fixed gear there is going to work out okay, but I will try to not go when it is super crowded…that could get a little hairy. Once it gets super dry out I am not afraid to try the unpaved portions, they are extremely tame by MTB standards, but I’ll have to be really watching my line to choose the smoothest way on the fixed. I’m kind of looking forward to that.

fun fun fun

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