Solo Mass

I always remember that it is Critical Mass about 40 mins before the thing I supposed to start, and I live over an hour from the start, so usually I end upmissing all the fun. Today, when I finally realized it was a Mass day, I decided I woould just head over to Suwanee Greenway (SGW) and hold a mass of one.

The thing that made this ride a little interesting, was that just before I hit the trail, I took a couple of big belts of Makers Mark from my flask. The booze, combined with not being able to see due to a broken contact lens, should have made for an interesting ride. It actually was…to a point.

The booze did nothing to me. I prolly sweated it out within the first two miles.

On the upside, the trail was practically empty for some reason, whch meant I could stay in my rythym and not lean on the Incredibell too much. Overall, it worked out pretty well…I added a little over 2.5 miles t the distance I have done the last few times, and if the booze had me do anything, it had me keep going. Less rest stops on this ride than last time.

Funny, the stats are actually slower though…I guess since there was a bit more uphill with the added sections, that was bound to happen.

I’m starting to get more confident on the fixed gear on the tight switchback sections, both up and down. This time around I was out of the saddle quite a bit, but only on the steepest sections. I wanted to get them DONE, not grind them out forever.

I’m pretty glad I went, but SGW is starting to get reeeeaaaal boring already. I might have to start going at night around here somewhere off the main drags.

I am extremely pleased that this post has nothing about wrecking. Yay fo no wrecks(so far). Hope the Mass was fun. I am so late to the game on the whole CM thing…


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