Nigel and duskriding SGW

First off, you need to know that Nigel Sylvester’s Gatorade BMX demo session will be at Mama’s in Buford tomorrow at 5pm. You need to be there. I will be there. I’m going to be a smartass and ride my fixed gear there. Big ups to Mystic Negro for the heads up on the tour appearance. He knows everything about whats happening with BMX in Georgia…

Secondly, I had a blast of a ride tonight at SGW. The deal was, I got there waaaaay late, so I was determined to sneak in a ride before it got too dark. I mean, I could have just kept riding because I have lights, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be at the far end of the trail and have my batteries wear out. That would suck. So basically, the whole ride there was sort of this -hurry up, rush rush- kind of feeling. I ended up getting my fastest avg speed on the fixed gear yet at SGW. To be fair though, I only went out to the portion that drags down the avg once during the ride, after that I kept to the portions that are prettyt flat. Still, I really enjoyed this ride. Plus now I know that I can sneak in a decent ride waaaaay later than I had thought previously, so the window of opp to ride is now open a bit more.

I’m so glad I gave the fixed gear a try at SGW.

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