back to love…

Today I had one of those rides that makes you fall in love with bicycles all over again.

Loaded up the fixed gear and headed out to good ol reliable Suwanee Greenway. It was drizzling when I left but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t turn into a downpour. Since I have been taking the fixed to SGW, I have been parking at the lot in the middle of the trail, which means in order to get a decent ride in I go out and back in two directions, which isn’t bad, but not as much fun as a proper loop. Today I decided to park at George Pierce Park and do the same loop I used to do whenh I took the fat tire bike. This means I took the fixed onto the dirt sections! Holy crap it was so much fun.

The dirt sections at SGW are no big deal, but they ARE dirt sections. Roots, mud, standing water,  everything except big climbs. On the MTB you can pretty much take any line you wat, but on the fixed you better pay attenton if you don’t want to get knocked off the bike. It is like an extension of the usual thinking ahead that you have to do when riding fixed. the dirt sections are just enough to keep you alert, and you will benefit greatly if you have good bike handling skills.

Riding in a loop instead of chaining out and backs together was great. I felt pretty good so I added an additional section that I had been avoiding…a section I thought I couldn’t clear. I cleared it with no issues.

The one time I did have an issue was on a short burst dirt climb where my tire slipped and I had to dab. Sucked. Maybe I will try some cross tires on the fixed gear or something.


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