good couple

Wow it has been a good couple of weeks biking-wise. Been riding the fixed at Suwanee Greenway, in different ways, always. Using the fixed there has made it so much more fun. Psuedo-cyclocross for slowpokes like me.  Most of the joint is paved, but recent bad weather/floods have some of the paved sections a wreck. Well, not so much anymore since they bobcatted them. I’ve added as much non paved riding on my usual loop as I can for that particular trail. Some of the very short section of single track is sooper sketch due to leaves.

Oh wait did I tell you I rode it in the dark? Yeah man. Fun times for sure. Me vs. the roots on the unpaved sections. I WON.

I’m so darn stoked on getting some riding in that I actually did some -bike maintenance- today. Ghetto-tech brake arm length solutions and a super special de-mudding at the local power wash.  BONUS LEVEL: a whole new rigged up padding system on the car rack, including pipe insulation and electrical tape. RAD.

Just for kicks I took Ye Ol Talera, bald tires and all, out to Gainesville College Trail. They have built an entire multi-level car parking situation there between the last time I was there and now. They also built a small wooden bridge to the entrance of the trail that is angled in such a cockeyed way I had to wonder if the people who built it were stoned or something.

IN OTHER NEWS: there is a discrepency between my yearly miles on one of my bike comps and the spreadsheet I must not have been logging every ride on. That’ll be fun to figure out.

check out this hillbilly shit.

total pooj glamour whore shot

Me and the pooj been doin’ the somewhat dirty work…



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