Mongoose Motomag Tribute

mongoose motomag tribute

Saw this over the feeds, …Mongoose Motomag tribute wheel. For more info and to see some other rad bikes check out Olli Erkkila Art & Design

The other day I read a sad lengthy thread from BMX site “The Come Up” where BMX dooods just raged against the fixed gear freestyle scene. I kind of have mixed feelings about this which are complicated. On one hand I feel like the FGF thing does not effect BMX at all, so why all the hate? But then I think back to the late 80’s when BMX damn near killed itself by starting to include skateboard ads and skating footage in their magazines, prompting a zillion potential bicycler lifers to suddenly switch passions. But these new kids that are doing all the raging on the net about FGF prolly weren’t even born then, so that whole late 80s era doesn’t figure into creating their anger. They just see FGF as a BMX freestyle rip off.  Their angle is “if you are going to do tricks why not do tricks on a bike that is made for it?”.


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