Onward to 2010

Celebrated the new year by going for a ride, since it was actually decent but windy weather today. Looking back, 2009 is the most rainy year on record since I have been in Georgia, so when the sun comes out these days I don’t fart around, I get out and hustle some miles.

I don’t have any “resolutions’, but I do have some goals.

1. ride more and better
2. post here more frequently
3. actually do some mountain biking this year…I did almost none in 09 (although equipment problems were a factor)

During the tail end of 09 I managed to drop a nice bit of weight, but seem to have hit a plateau, so the mileage is going to have to go up and the consumables is going to have to go down. Nothing crazy though. I’m not going to go on some nutso diet and I am not going to try doubling my mileage straight away. I’m adding a mile here and there to my regular rides. Building up a little at a time. One thing I have been doing is walking a lot more. 2009 was my first year with a desk job, and the lack of movement made the weight situation bad for the first part of the year.  So now I walk whenever I can…for example, I just park at the far end of the parking lot pretty much everywhere I go instead of trying to park as close to the door of the place as possible.  Also, if I am going two places in a shopping center, I am not going to get in the car and move it from one end to the other if the shops are at opposite ends. This may sound like a no brainer, but up until a few months ago I would actually move the car. Now it seems ridiculous!  The idea is to have all those short walks add up.  Don’t laugh cause it seems to be working.

Gear wise there are two major projects I’d like to see through:

1. create or purchase a single speed MTB
2. get tubular cro-mo bmx cranks for my fixed gear.

I hope you have a great year of riding ahead in the oh-ten.

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