Last year I kept pretty good stats of a pretty bad year of riding. I did pretty much NO mountain biking at all. In fact, I didn’t really ride much at all until the last quarter of the year.

Today I finally started my 2010 stats spreadsheet. Also,I have ben looking at getting a Knog computer…they are only $55 with shipping at Bike Island. Bike Island is the jam for mail order. I mean, you should really be supporting your LBS but if you have to order, hit the island. The one thing that is kind of weird is that you HAVE to pay via PayPal. But the upside is shipping is included in the price you see in their catalog. That kind of rules. Right now thay also have a sweet deal on a decent looking “Jury”  fixed gear frame. Yes, I am thinking about getting one…

Rode the heavily frozen Suwanee Greenway today…slipped and slid around a bunch which was totally RAD!

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