pump and ‘pute

Found a great deal on a CatEye Mity 8 computer via Performance.

I have never ordered from Performance before. I never did receive a tracking number for my order, and an email to c-serv took them two days to respond. They did send the computer, but it was sent via US mail, which means if it gets lost in the mail I have no tracking record etc etc. I expected more out of a big outfit like Performance  but should have known better given that they are the Wal-Mart of bicycle shops. I know it didn’t cost the $6.99 they charged me for shipping either. I just sent a package of comparable weight to fucking Korea for less than that! Anyway, even with all the sketch factor of the whole mess that I didn’t like I still ended up getting a pretty good deal.

Also, I caved in and bought an Avenir Air Source Sport pump.

I’ve been wanting a pump for a while now but I just couldn’t justify laying out the loot for one of the expensive ones. The Avenir seems like it will work pretty well as long as I don’t mistreat it. Believe me, I have mistreated some pumps in my time, and I know how easy it is to destroy one. The trick is not to RUSH. Take your time. It’ll preserve the life of your pump TRUST ME. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is pretty short. The Blackburn it was sitting next to at Dick’s Sporting Goods was at least 3 inches taller. Not that big a deal I ‘spose.  I’ll have to use it 40 times for it to pay for itself, since I have been tossing $.50 in the air pump/vacuum combo device at the local Shell station to get air the last few years.

Looks like a rainy weekend…

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