Little Mulberry Park micro adventure

Headed over to Little Mulberry Park, Dacula Georgia on friday since I have been meaning to check it out. It is the closest park to my hut that has multi-use trails so I figured it was about time to see what it was all about.For some reason I decided to take my busted Mountain bike.

The main trail is a paved loop around a lake 2.2 miles which I will put to good use for quick exercise rides. I was halfway around the loop when I came to the first intersection, and I was feeling kind of good so I took the turn instead of staying on the loop around the lake. Of course this put me on the “carriage trail” which was pretty much straight up for like a mile. I was still pretty stoked since I made it all the way up with no dabs, despite my busted ass bike cracking and popping and trying to jump cogs the whole way up. On the way up I passed this little jammy:

Since the first turn I took ended up being kind of fun I took the next one with put me on the “east meadow trail”. I stayed on this until the next intersection, and continued on to the “west meadow trail”.

Eventually I came to a kiosk so I could figure out where I was.  Took a quick look at the map and decided I was going to take a short cut back to the “carriage trail”.  This is where things started to go a little wrong. When I got to the path that I had chosen for my shortcut, it had a “No Bikes Allowed” sign. It was an unpaved path. Since it wasn’t crowded I decided that the “No Bikes” rule didn’t apply to me and took the trail anyway, thinking I would be on it for less than half a mile before I was back on the paved trail. It was a really fun wicked descent! I was doing some jumps and holding on for dear life at certain points, and I was SO glad I had brought the mountain bike.

I kept pushing on until looking for the next path I was supposed to take, which never seemed to materialize. Eventually I was at the very bottom of a tall valley and very lost. When I say lost I mean, I was never more tha 2 miles away from civilization, but I was totally unclear on how to get back to paths I was “allowed” to take a bike on. The path I had ben riding on suddenly went straight up to I hoofed it all the way to the top…it was way too steep to ride up.

ON the way up I kept passing these interesting stacked stone formations:

Later I found some info that said no one knows how the stacked stones got there or who put them there. There are over a hundred of the formations around the park at all different elevation levels.

After that burly climb I finally came to the top where there was a paved trail that linked to a neighborhood, but that wasn’t where I was trying to go. There was a kiosk, so I was sort of able to tell where I was, and took off on the way I thought I should go. 2 minutes  and another wicked dangerous descent later I was right back at the vase of the hill I had just walked up! DAMN!!

Sooooo, I hoofed it back up the hill and this time went in the OTHER direction once I got to the top. This actually worked, and I got back to a paved trail, but I basically got right back to the kiosk I had been at when I developed my little -shortcut- plan.

This time I decided to stay on paths I knew were paved and bikes were allowed on, and eventually made it back to the original loop around the lake I had started on. On the way back to the main loop, I broke a spoke on the cog side of my rear wheel…can you believe that shit?

Once I got back to the main loop I rode around it two more times just to get the mileage up, but I was definitely feeling the pain from making that hike up the unpaved path twice. I feel like overall it was a pretty good ride as far as getting some exercise, but it was also one of the most fun rides I have had in a while because it had a little bit of adventure to it.


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