A Few Upgrades

A lot of bikey blogs are written by people with real incomes who host a stable of four figure rides. I’m not one of those people. But that does not stop me from loving my bikes as much as the high dollar crew, and upgrades are always excting. One of my fave bikes is affectionately known as Ye Olde GT Talera. It is long and slow, but it shifts like a dream compared to my much higher priced MTB. The rims are like 2 inches wide. It just oozes practicality as opposed to high tech. On Saturday, I made a few upgrades.

The Talera has purple stickers so I have ben adding purple accents. Let me tell you, purple parts are not as easy to come by as you might think. My good buddy Skip at Cycle Sonic up in the Philly area scrounged around and came up with some purple cable housing for me. It wasn’t much, but after some investigation, it looked like there would be enoughfor the whole front end! Only the short section near the rear derailleur would have to stay black. No biggie. I headed over to Addictive Cycles to pick up some cable crimps, a few inner wires, and cable housing ends, then jammed back to the hut to get started.

The before pic:

It was freezing cold out so I brought the bike inside the house to do the repair. Laid out my tools on a kids colored TV tray just like all the pro mechanics do:

The install went amazingly smooth, which is true to form for the Talera. Everything is easy with this bike, which is one of the many reasons I love it.

The After pic:

I dunno, you can’t really tell so much with this particular pic, but the new cables set off the front end of the bike nicely. Most people will totally overlook a detail like this, but heads will know that someone put some love into her. There is no way GT was going to send this thing out stack with purps on the front end.

Next up was installing my new Cateye Mity 8 computer. The Mity 8 is basically the same thing as the Enduro 8, but it is supposed to have a lighter mount and wire set-up, optimized for the road bike crowd. It did seem pretty light, but I really question whether CatEye actually has to make a completely separate model…I’m sure the weight savings was like 20 grams or something. The computer install went very smooth, once again, typical for Ye Olde. Took it outside for  a quick run to check the gear adjustment which was spot on even without having a bike stand to do a preliminary spin through. Once again, typical Talera behavior.  Honestly I wouldn’t be suprised if this bike could fix itself.

The new flight deck is making me happy:

So, even though the weather was crappy and I didn’t get to ride, I still got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite two wheeled friends. I’ll be happy I took the time to make these upgrades once the weather gets nice and I can log some miles.

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