Handlebar Tape before and after

The time had come for the yearly handlebar re-taping. I got some of this fancy looking (IMO) perforated bar tape from Overpriced Cyclist, which  arrived last week, so today it was time to make the leap. Ordinarily wrapping bars would be no big issue, but I have my ghetto style brake cable routing and low budget bullhorn applicable brake lever to deal with, which complicates the matter considerably.

The before pics:



…and the after pics



A good look at the crazy cable routing puzzle.



Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I had to wrap and re-wrap around the brake lever/cable without the adhesive exposed about a zillion times before I came up with a way to situate it that I was satisfied with. Glad I only have to wrap these once a year.

Also, I have to say, I would have had a hard time wrapping a “non-flop and chop” full drop bar with the amount of tape they supplied. There was barely enough for the non brake lever side. After getting it done I took a little cruise up and down the driveway to see how it felt. My first impression is that it is a very -thin- feeling but sticky tape. I will reserve an actual review until I have actually done a whole ride. I do like the sort of classic look that the perforations give. The stitching in the tape sort of reminds me of a baseball glove for some reason.

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5 thoughts on “Handlebar Tape before and after

  1. Nice job on that brake housing. It’s tough to make that anything but awkward, and I think you pulled it off.

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