sick of paths

Friday I decided I was sick of riding all these paved bike paths and tol Ye Olde Talera over to Gainesville College Trail. GCT is not a very demanding loop, so I figured I would be okay running my road slicks there so long as I didn’t try to go jaming into any corners at full clip.


GCT used to be my main trail, so I know it pretty well. This was my first trip there in probably 6 months. If I had ever had any doubts about whether all the miles I have ben putting in were doing any good, riding GCT cleared them up. I stayed in way higher gears than I ever have there, and always felt like I had “energy headroom” to burn.

There aren’t any very demanding climbs there, but there are a few spots where you need to be on point or you will end up with a dab or even walking. In the past when encountering there sections it was straight to the granny, but I never left the middle ring yesterday AND never went to the top of the cogs for the easiest gear. No, actually in the sections where I used to do that I just got up out of the saddle and jammed up and over.

Great to be back in the woods again.

Saturday I decided I wanted to go back. I also wanted to try and give my olf Mongoose Othero Super one more chance. Last time I rode it I broke a spoke in the rear wheel, and it has had a mystery shifting issue ever since I had the rear section of the frame replaced under warranty. I managed to get the spoke replaced without too much trouble, and did a few little things that I thought might help the shifting bug.

The effort paid off. The bike is far from perfect but it was running well enough that technical issues didn’t ruin my ride. There were only about 2 times that the chain skip issue happened over the  course of the ride. Felt kind of neat to be running suspention. I have been casually shopping for a mountain bike, but maybe I can wring one more season out of the ‘goose.

Gonna see what I can do about adding my stats page as a navigation tab at the top of this blog just to see if I can get it to work.

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