gainesville college trail again

When I rode today I did a few laps around Gainesville College on the road surrounding the school, and rode the trail twice.

two highlights:
1. I did one of the laps of the trail entirely in the big ring. I did use the whole range of gears but I wasn’t in the easiest gear very much at all.
2. had my first bail of the year…the slicks on ye olde talera and the loose dirt in one of the corners did not match up well.
1. I lost my clip-on blinky light somewhere along the trail. Went back to look for it but it was nowhere to be found. wouldn’t really care except that the had a lens that was the same color purple as the components on the bike.
bonus level: saw a crazy big snake in the middle of the trail, which some dood nicely moved off the trail and into the bushes.

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