roadtrip.2010 pre-launch

About to head up to Baltimore for my annual roadtrip. I couldn’t decide which bike to take so I decided to take bothe Ye Olde Talera and the Pooj.

The Talera will be super practical with the road tires, plus I am taking some knobbies because there is a potential ride at Lake Redman in PA that might happen with a buddy I haven’t seen in a zillion years. I just find it funny that I will even take the Talera off roading at all…that thing is a freakin chopper it has so much fork rake. Of course I am taking the fixed gear because I just freakin love it, and I am thinking that I may do a good bit of random cruising around my old neighborhoods and such.

I may hit a trail in Baltimore called Gwynn Falls Trail, although it appears that it starts in kind of a sketch zone.

Check out the crank arms on this 1889 Singer Tandem…you can adjust the length of the crank arm by adjusting where the pedal shaft connects.

Old school heads will recognize that a similar function was availabale on the elusive Shimano DX BMX crankset (see pic below, courtesy of Singapore BMX)

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