Roadtrip 2010 Bicycle Rides #2

After attending an awesome wedding on the 1st, Sunday May 2 was all set up for me to sync up with my old buddy Kevin to do a little mountain biking in Pennsylvania. The plan was to meet up early and get a morning start.

The first step was to put some knobbies on Ye Olde Talera. The old girl looked pretty rad with some fatties.

I had a little trouble getting through the city because there was some kind of 5k run or something happening, which meant there were a lot of closed off streets through the city. Once I was on 83 north though, it was smooth sailing all the way.

Kevin lives in some beautiful farm country. I could tell from the lay of the land that it was going to be a little hilly on the ride. I found his place with minimal trouble and we cracked a few pre-ride beers. We did some catching up on the car ride over to Lake Redman / William H Kain park. The lake area is really beautiful and we wasted no time helmeting up for the ride. True mushroomheads:

We headed off on a trail Kevin hadn’t yet ridden, and immediately got hit with a series of fairly brutal (for us) climbs. It was Kevin’s first ride of the year so he was feeling the wrath of the hills a bit more than me. We stopped a lot, and Kevin actually hit a bad patch of roots and took a scary spill. It was still early on in the ride.

We pushed on.

Finally the climbs broke and we were able to rinse it out down some great singletrack descents. Kevin was absolutely blazin! Very impressive. I was on the brakes much more than he was.

At the end of the descents we came out of the woods onto a road section. We kind of didn’t know where we were. Luckily after some checking on the cellular we were able to figure out a route to get back to the car that would allow is to bypass going back up the long descent we had just done. We still had a good amount of climbing though, but it was all on the road.

Back at the car we re-upped on beers and made a plan to hit a different trail just a short drive away.

The next trail was one Kevin was more familiar with. It was a lot more mellow than the previous trail…wider and smoother, less roots and looked to be more heavily traveled by hikers, horses and bikes.  The trail led to a gigantic sign that is visible to 83 which we used as a good place to take a little rest.

Check out the scale of the sign compared to the bike. Lake Redman is pretty awesome and there are lots of folks doing actual water based activities. One of the most rad things we saw was a group of about 10-12 people sailing radio control sailboats. There was lots of kayak action going on also.

Before we hit the trail we had grabbed a paper map, which came in handy at our next rest stop. We were able to determine what trail we were on and our position, so we forged ahead with a plan. Unfortunately we made a wrong turn, and after a few more climbs ended up dumped out onto a road. On the upside, for this phase of the ride I had brought my iPhone, so we were able to do the whole maps dealie and come up with a route back to the car.

A fairly brutal climb ensued, but eventually transformed into a seriously white knuckle style downhill which Kevin once again blazed it down. He would probably be a good downhill racer because he doesn’t seem to be afraid at all.

Back at the car and done for the day we caned some beers parking lot style, then headed back to his hut.

When we got back to the hut I grabbed some pics of Kevins vintage Dyno BMX bike.

I don’t remember what model Dyno frame this was but I am sure it was the full chromoly one, because he bought it pretty early on. Highlights include a Hutch stem (drilled for connecting an ACS Rotor), Redline Forklifter bars, Perigrine 48 spoke wheels, a Hadley sealed bottom bracket for one piece cranks, Kashimax Aero seat and REAL Shimano DX pedals. Very rad!

Overall the visit was great. Super fun times catching up with my old friend, and I learned about a great trail system that I will probably up for exploring further on a future visit.

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