The Keiran @ Dick Lane Velodrome 5/8/2010

Saturday evening Graham said “come to DLV and get yourself in a better mood”, so I packed up a cooler full of cold ones and headed that way. The final rounds of their first pro racing series were due to start about 6ish. Waaaay rad poster for the events this year:

The weather was fairly cool which made it a great evening to take in some racing. Bonus level:  hottie NPR interview babe-tron Graham was recorded by last time was spacing around again with her headphones on. I love her so much.

The racing was great! We got there in time to catch some of the young riders from Bicycle Little League doing their thing. Those kids really have the spirit and it is great to see people that young already into the racing scene. My only other experience seeing young riders like that was BMX racing at Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore circa like 1983 or something.

The adult riders were caning it proper. I took my camera but for some reason the only shots I got of any racing were on the iPhone:

Speeds were HIGH and there were a few spills. Track racing is just freakin sick when you are there in person to witness it. My favorite rider of the day was this dude Spiderman, who was all kitted out as the web slinger.  He might have gotten discounted for the novelty gear and considered an also-ran if he would have just brought up the rear every race, but he was riding fairly aggressively which made the wacky kit seem all the more wicked.

The whole evening (and I suppose a bunch of qualifying earlier in the day but I could be wrong) lead up to a really kick ass final. Here is a little vid of the final laps:

Please excuse my vertically oriented iPhone vid quality, I did the best I could. What I really want you to see if the energy of the crowd. People were hanging over the rail banging on the boards cheering on the riders…the whole mess coming to a huge crescendo with the that song from ROCKY running in the background.

While I was spacing around I grabbed a couple of snaps of this really interesting vehicle, which is used to motor pace the starts of the Kieran races.

Can’t help but wonder if it came with the Rock Shox or if someone did a little -upgrade-. I noticed that the driver was pedaling the entire time even though the motor seemed to be delivering the power. You think you can push a gear this tall?

One other thing I noticed was that the speed this thing would travel at seemed remarkable consistent. It may be diferent when you are actually on the thing, but from the bleachers it looked like there was almost no variation in speed once it got going, which is probably important when leading out a pace line of bikes that cannot stop or slow down quickly.

All in all it was huge fun, and Graham was right…it did get me into a better mood.

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