Over the weekend I went to Suwanee Greenway, only to find that a large portion of the trail has now been covered in speed sucking 3-4″ deep gravel. Kind of sucks, but I made it fun anyway.

Yesterday I found a portion of Little Mulberry main lake loop closed for construction, so I decided to try and do the “carriage trail” climb on my fixed gear. I made it about halfway up before I had to dab…and I tried to make it as close to a dab as possible, but I actually ended up getting of the bike for about 1.5mins before I could saddle back up and make the rest of the climb.

Today my upper legs are toast because of that carriage trail shit.

Still, I was determoned to go out riding today, so I headed to Central Park in Cumming GA, which is the closest trail to where I work. As soon as I turned into the park I saw the sign “mountain bike trail closed”. The Central park trail isn’t much of a trail anyway, but it is convenient so I figured what the hell. Fortunately I had been there before and I was able to squeeze in a few miles on a section that was not as closed as the sign would make you believe. I could see the closed section from the parking lot…looks like they are upgrading the trail but I can’t be sure. I also can’t be bothered to troll the SORBA or RAMBO  forums to see what the deal is.

Do I sound angsty? Tired of being shunted at every trail I have gone to the past few days…

doesn’t matter, I need to let my legs heal for at least 2 days which is going to suckity suck.


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