‘Goose got me Loose

The ‘Goose mugging for the cam at ChamPAIN hill, Chicopee mountain bike trails at Elachee Nature Center, Oakwood Georgia. I always get snide looks from the -cool guys- at Chicopee when they see I am riding a ‘Goose. You know what though…it has actually been a pretty good bike for $700. The forks suck, but everything else has performed about what I would expect for laying out a pretty low amount of loot for full suspension. Yes, I broke the rear triangle but that would have never happened if I wouldn’t have been using it to ride my local skatepark, doing airs things the bike was never intended for. At least Mongoose replaced it under warranty.

Mawybe one of these days I can have one of those cool bikes that the snob crew are always aboard when they are looking down their noses at me. Til then I will keep having as much fun as I can on the ol supertanker.

Funny, when I was a kid there was a good clip of time that went by when a Mongoose BMX bike was the coolest bike you could have. They have a pretty good archive over at the VintageMongoose website about those days.


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