the best bike on craigslist

Today this Ellsworth Dare  was on the Atlanta craigslist with the subject line “The Best Bike On Craigslist” , for the low sum of $4500.

People who try to sell ridiculously expensive bikes on craigslist just confuse me. I mean, if you took the time to custom build a bike worth $9k as the owner claims, why in the hell wouldn’t you ride it every single freakin day and night. Selling something like this is basically just admitting that you were wrong. Either that or the owner finally figured out that no matter how plush it cruises down the advanced runs, no matter how light it is, and responsive, and technologically elite…it is still butt fuckin ugly.

The moral of the story is:

Friends don’t let friends ride parallelograms

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2 thoughts on “the best bike on craigslist

  1. Big Audio says:

    That is one heinous looking bike. I hate it.

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