new fave route

Hmmm, I have only just recently started riding right from my front door. Fear of standard redneckery such as being hollered at from a passing truck window or having things thrown at me while riding had prevented me from doing so til now. But so far it hasn’t  been too bad, and this morning it got even better.

The route I have been doing takes me up through old downton Buford which runs along some train tracks for a while, then spills out onto Peachtree Industrial Parkway before heading back to the hut. I have now done this route twice but today is the first time I have done it so early in the morning.

Doing it early netted two bonus levels:

Bonus #1 — It wasn’t so ungodly hot and humid that you practically suffocate as you pedal through the quicksand like air…

Bonus #2 — I was on Ye Olde Talera, my old school tro-moly framed mountain bike with the insane fork rake, yet still managed to do the entire ride in the big ring ANNNND, caught up with 2 different totally kitted out road bike tour de france wannabe’s who were out for their morning spin. It was pretty rad to be able to use them as a rabbit to keep my pace up. Totally caught them both by suprise.

I saw at least 6 different road bikers out and about over the course of the route today, which makes me want a road bike even more. Now that I know they are out in the mornings I will start to integrate early A.M. rides into the weekly routine.

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