Baltimore Bicycle Builders Show

Baltimore is my hometown ‘hood and all, and I spent 7 years working at Golden Ring Bicycle Shop (RIP) while I lived there. I really want to move back soooo bad. When I last visited it was so nice to be able to actually leave from the front door of my folks house and ride in any direction amongst -infrastructure- and drivers at least somewhat accustomed to dealing with bikes. It’s the exact opposite of how it is here in Georgia. Don’t get me wrong, Georgia biking has it’s good points, but IMHO they mostly take place outside of urban areas on the mountain biking trails.

Anyway, one of my facebook friends, who I had no idea even rode bicycles, posted a blurb about this Baltimore Bicycle Builders show, so I did the google and found out a little more info. If I was up there I def would have checked it out, but since I wasn’t I could only look at the photos via the Baltimore Bicycle Works bloggity blog.

I hope the show was well attended and it would be great to see it grow. Maybe I can time one of my visits up there to coincide with the next round. Big Ups B-more crew!

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