enjoyed X-games BMX

I both love and hate X-games.

Hating sucks so lets focus on what’s great about X.

First off…BMX Park was just sick this year. Don’t ask me who won, I was in the middle of pro level ragemode partying with my Greennville SC crew watching it out of the corner of my eye,  but I could see enough to know the course was very rad and the riding was waaay high level. One of the things I liked this year was that most of the riders seemed to really be focusing on great lines instead of just finding any surface they could to do a flip over. Flips suck.

BMX Street…well, hmmm, I dunno. It was alright I guess. I think street is tough to do in a contest format. Nice to see that “coffee cup” thing they built that gave the riders something unusual to trick off of.

BMX Big Air…didn’t watch it, don’t care. Big Air is where X-Games loses the plot. It is an event specifically geared to herd in the sheeple. I’m just not that interested in riding that happens on a type of ramp that only very few people have access to. To me, Big Air is just too far on the side of stuntman type dare-devilism. That being said, I did at least get a little bit more respect for Big Air after watching that “Birth of Big Air” documentary about Mat Hoffman.

I totally missed BMX Vert, which sucks because I freakin love it. Guess I’ll have to go back and watch some of the coverage online.

Watched a bunch of the Vert skating though, and I have to say it was pretty damn sick.

I’d probably have a more detailed report on individual runs and who did well and why, but I was too busy getting pickled. I dunno, I really am not that interested in who -wins- anyway…not after the year I saw Mirra win one of the events even though he clearly had a 3rd or maybe even 4th place run. I just like to see some great riding. That is where X-games delivers. They don’t skimp on the courses or ramps, and try to set up an event where there is no excuse for people to not be riding at their highest possible level.


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