Been having some downtime from riding for the past couple of weeks. It’s crazy hot and I also have a freelance project that is demanding my attention and time. On the upside, iy has given me a long and much needed rest after a pretty heavy first half of the year. When I finally did ride for the first time in a few weeks a couple days ago, I was thinking “wow, it seems like I am going crazy fast, but it must just be mu imagination since I havenb’t been on the bike for a while”.  But when the ride was done, it turned out I logged a pretty good clip higher average speed than I usually do on that particular course.  My theory is that fresh well rested legs are to blame. I’m not fighting it.

Today I broke out the fixed for the first time in forever. It had been so long that the tires were actually almost all the way flat. Downside: my pump pops off the smooth presta valve shaft at like 95psi, so I can’t get the tires up where I like them. No worries.

Hopefully now that I am over the halfway point with the freelance gig I will be back on the grind with the biking. Missed ya!


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