I wonder if they are having a “Harvest Jam” BMX contest at Skatepark of Athens this year? I am so out of the loop. The 2008 one was a blast and I got some great photos.

In other news, rumble strips suck if you are on a bike. The ones in the picture are from Peachtree Industrial Blvd, which is a road I am unsure if it is even legal to ride a bike on. It’s a divided highway with a grass median in the middle. Occasionally I have seen other folks riding there, but not many, so maybe we are all just “getting away with it”. Anyway, the rumble strips are freakin gnarly and as you can see, if you want to avoid them then you have to ride the edge that basically puts you almost out into the road.  Since people whizzing by in cars are unaware of the rumble strips unless they run off the road, when they pass a biker who is hugging the outside edge they most likely think that they are doing it to -claim space-, which does nothing to help the car/cyclist relations around here. From the drivers perspective we are just smug cyclists trying to hog up their road. The sad thing is, it would be perfect if they would have ran the rumble strips up to the edge of the white line and then left some blank space at the furthers right edge of the shoulder. The same goal would have been accomplished, and the cyclists could have had a much safer way to use the road. Oh well. Just furthers my belief that ALL the bad road engineers get sent to Georgia.

While I was out and about I passed by Board & Bike, which wasn’t open but had this rad vintage Schwinn Collegiate on display in the window. It has just the right amount of wear to let you know it isn’t a restore, it has just been well taken care of. LOVE the generator lights. I am betting that this is an American made bicycle. Classy move for them to give this some window time.

Right now, the riding weather here in Georgia is PERFECT. Mid 70’s, no humidity, not too windy and lots of Fall color. I hope you are getting to take advantage of it.

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  1. Big Audio says:

    Would LOVE to see that skatepark in person! Looks ultra-rad in comparison to Landsdowne!

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