Share the Road Georgia License Plate

Really wish I had enough of a lootstack to get the Share The Road license plate on the new car I just got, but I don’t.

I have a very complex relationship with the whole “Share the Road” concept. On one hand it seems so simple…self explanatory, and easy to follow. But in practice, I am a believer that a lot of cyclists use the “Share the Road” ethos to get away with riding like assholes. There are some instances of car/cyclist interaction where it is better for everyone involved if the cyclist just get the hell out of the way, or at least rode “defensively”, which is something that I think would prevent a lot of accidents.  Unfortunately I lack the wordsmithing technique to accurately describe what I am trying to say here, but the main point is that I see a lot of cyclist around the North Georgia area doing stupid shit that might get them killed and you can just tell they are trying to force the whole “Share the Road” issue in a way that just creates more car vs cyclist anger.

Anyway, I would hope that I would never have to stoop to the level of using my horn, or creating any kind of dangerous situation between myself and someone who is making it impossible not to. But if it ever came to that, when they saw the tail end of my car, and realized that they had just been in a negative interaction with one of their own, that they might take a sec to ponder whether they could have played the whole thing differently, since obviously I am on the cyclists side, and not one of the ignorant bicyclist hating masses that love to harass any rider they see on these shoulderless back roads.

Ugh, I prolly didn’t explain that right, or maybe I made enough of a point that you know what I mean…

The other issue is that I am skeptical of how the extra money it will cost to get this plate will be used.

Here is the breakdown from the Georgia Department of Revenue website:


Cost and Fees Distribution:

Initial cost: $80 plus applicable ad valorem tax.

Cost to renew annually: $55.00 plus applicable ad valorem tax.

Of the Initial $80 fees collected for the issuance of these tags, the fees shall be distributed as follows:

$20 Annual License Reg. Fee

$1 to the County Tag Agent

$22 to Sponsoring Organization

$37 to State of Georgia General Treasury

Of the $55 Annual Renewal fees, the fees shall be distributed as follows:

$20 Annual License Reg. Fee

$22 to Sponsoring Organization

$13 to State of Georgia General Treasury

Where do the funds go? Governor’s Highway Safety Program


Hmm, maybe I need to learn more about what the Governor’s Highway Safety Program does and how it relates to bicycles on Georgia roads. Regardless, buying the car eliminated any fundage I may have had to get the fancy tag, so it isn’t going to happen til next year renewal if I decide to take the plunge.


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