Settles Bridge Skatepark Suwanee Georgia

Yesterday I was over at Duncan Creek Skatepark drinking some beers and being the “creepy old guy riding a bike in a somewhat sloppy manner”. The place was practically empty except for one skater who was actually kind of rinsing the street area good and proper. After a while he said he was about to bail and hit Settles Bridge, which I had never heard of, so he filled me in on the details. This morning I decided to head on over…

Not that big, but pretty sweet! I got there about 11:30AM so I had the place to myself for about 1.5 hours, which was enough time for me to get a little feel for the place without looking to silly in front of a slew of heavy hitters. One interesting thing that happened is that I immediately rolled in on the tallest wall of the park. Liquid courage probably had something to do with that. I’ve been to duncan creek a bunch of times and still won’t roll in even on some of the smaller walls, so now I expect that when I go back there I’ll have some new opportunities open up since I know I can pull it on some bigger walls.

Settles Bridge has a couple if sick hips to mess around with, and a smooth entry into any of the bowls from either side. I damn near lost it a few times trying little (and I do mean little) airs on those hips. After a while I tried to focus less on where the airable places were and more on connecting lines and just carving, which was a lot of fun.

About half hour before I left a couple skaters showed up. I figured it was my time to get outta there, but before I left I wanted to take one more run. Of course on the very last line of the day my back wheel got hung up on the coping of one of the tallest walls and I ate it big time. One of the skater guys was quick to check my status and help me get my bike out of the bowl. I havce to give it up for the last few skaters I have run into while riding, they have been super cool to me and I def felt no biker vs skater type vibe at all which was awesome.

The whole time I was riding there I kept thinking how sick it would be to see some real actual -good riders- work that place. I may head up there at some point to scope it out spectator style.

anyway, the park was way nice, check it out if you have a chance

380 Johnson Rd
Suwanee, GA 30024

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