Atlanta BMX shop 1101

I dunno if this place is new or what, but I just found out about them. Haven’t been there to visit but I’ll surely check them soon since I need some new handlebars. Online store looks pretty good.

In other news, after watching the 2009 ABA Grand Nationals on Versus over the holiday, I am really interested in the racing side of BMX. Gonna have to check out one of the -not so local- local tracks soon and see what kind of action is happening in the class for zillion year olds. With my mountain bike down, and riding fixed and pathelete style boring the living shit out of me, maybe its time to get a little more serious about that dream of actually participating in a BMX race that I have had since I was like 9 years old…


One thought on “Atlanta BMX shop 1101

  1. Sarah Myers says:

    Hey Robert! Thanks for the mention! We’d love for you to come by the store and check us out, you might even get Chad the owner to go tear it up street style with you one afternoon! See you soon,

    Sarah Myers
    Web wench and Mrs Chad Myers

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