coldest ride of 2010

…traditionally I always go for a nice ride on the coldest day of the year, which I am pretty sure will be today. It’s 16 degrees out. Unfortunately I am way off track with all my riding activities, so I probably won’t actually get a ride in this time around. Well, maybe I will pedal around the driveway a few times just so I can say that -technically- I rode on the coldest day of the year. What a poseur.

Yeah I know….I gotta get back on it with the riding. But right now I am kind of adjusting to being a new dog daddy, since our family recently adopted a black lab named Lucy, 7 months old, and I have appointed myself pack leader. So, even though I won’t get to go for a proper ride today, you can bet that me and Looose will be out and about going for an adventure walk when I get home from work…that counts for something right?

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