Flick Trix Schwinn Orange Crate

Saw this Schwinn Orange Crate Flick Trix last night at a “big box retailer”. For some reason I walked away and did not pick it up, a decision I now totally regret. Maybe it will still be there when I go back.

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5 thoughts on “Flick Trix Schwinn Orange Crate

  1. DJ Frankee Cee says:

    I’m disappointed with his product because
    they have 3 mistakes on the authenticity.
    #1 seat color
    #2 missing front drum brake
    #3 missing the gear shifter!!!
    There certainly are plenty of photos on the
    internet for them to look at in order to design
    the toy correct.

  2. alex tod says:

    flick trix are a peice of JUNK . i got mine and it broke on the first day

    What a waste of money!!!

  3. alex tod says:

    Mirraco most

  4. alex tod says:

    shut the buissnes down; well thats what i think!!!

  5. alex tod says:

    you people dont deserve for other people to buy them!!!

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