Yellow Card

This is a magnetic card (which I saw over on boingboing) was created for cyclists to lob at cars that they have a negative interaction with. The idea is to deliver a message in a way that is not destructive.  The original post has inspired a classic “comments” thread over at the original post. Do I have an opinion? Of course I do. Not about the card, but about the path the comments take.
Allow me to wax poetic:
  • Drivers – bikes are not cars, so they can do things cars cannot, which means they can thread through a red light that a car cannot go through in such a way that is actually not that dangerous providing the rider isn’t a complete jackass trying to blow a light at too busy an intersection. Deal with it.
  • Cyclists – if you have the inclination to hog a lane just to be a dick and make your “share the road” point, do us all a favor and rethink your strategy. There are moments where it is totally appropriate to claim lane space, and there are moments where it isn’t. If you can’t tell the difference yield to the side of safety and ride with some more experienced riders until you know where the line is…and believe it there is a line between holding your lane and being a cock. Especially in rural areas with limited lane space.
  • Drivers – don’t try to use your car as a weapon…ever. If you do, expect the cyclists to defend themselves. They will. I will.
  • Cyclists – unless you are riding in a race, stop wearing kit that looks like you are full on Tour De France-ing it. Seriously, you look like a stupid fanboy and the graphics create hatred from motorists because they view you as someone out on an expensive toy with expensive clothes playing adult make believe. There is plenty of excellent riding gear out there that isn’t plastered with team logos that you aren’t and never would be sponsored by, so isn’t logo free gear really the wiser choice? Yes, it is.

I could go on, but I am sure you can see that my views are pretty conflicted because both sides are so wrong in their approach. Trying to act like bikes are the same as cars is never going to work. I’d like to see a lot more attention paid to common sense in this debate rather than people try to defend their case based on so called laws that don’t jive with the reality of the situation.

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3 thoughts on “Yellow Card

  1. Chris Kelly says:

    Your first 3 bullets are very well said and the fist time I’ve seen those all together in one place +1! Bikes are not the same as cars and for every asshole in a car acting irresponsibly, ther does seem to be one on a bike somewhere acting irresponsibly.

    As for wearing kits, maybe it just happens in areas other than where i live, but the majority of people “kitted out” covered in logos are sponsored or are on a team that is sponsored. I’m no pro, but i do wear my Faster Mustache kit with pride, and the companies that have logos on it have them because they wrote us a check.

  2. robertashton says:

    I guess I am sort of presumptuous about folks up here in the boonies not being legitimately sponsored by the companies they are sporting because lots of times they are running replica gear from big international teams. Teams that if they were really on they would probably get the kind of press in Flowery Branch that Hincapie does in Greenville, SC.

    I see your point about wearing your gear proudly for sure.

  3. I like the card and your comments, for the most part: however, I do not condone running a red light just because you can. Riders have the same privileges and responsibilities as other vehicles and I can see car drivers considering this to be stunting (not to mention illegal). Reciprocated or not, I feel a kinship with drivers when we both wait for the red light.

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