Bill would let bikers pass legally through red lights

If this passes (though it probably won’t) I think they should give the same consideration to cyclists, who also cannot trip the light sensors…

From the AJC article

When Ann Purcell is tooling around the state on her Honda motorcycle, the weight of the sport bike is often not enough to trip the sensors at red lights.

Most people would grumble — and worry about the safety of being trapped in an intersection — in silence. But Purcell is a Georgia legislator, so she is pushing her colleagues to approve a measure to let bikers go through red lights when the signals don’t know they’re there.

“We just want to make it so you can go through without, quote, breaking the law,” said Purcell, a Republican representative from Rincon. “We understand we would have to go through with great caution.”

House Bill 161 basically would allow motorcyclists to treat red lights like stop signs.

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